Canadian Owned and Operated

Consbec was created in 1981 and has since become the largest independent drilling and blasting contractor in North America. Senior management has been involved in the drilling and blasting industry for over 35 years and has extensive experience on various sizes of rock excavation projects from mining to construction. At the backbone of Consbec’s experience lies a vast fleet of specialized drills, supported by it’s bulk explosives supply and delivery chain. Consbec retains a wide range of innovative excavation solutions with a “family owned” methodology governing it’s people and service, backed by the group’s “world-class” resources.

Mining Services

Consbec’s mining services include quarrying, open pit mining, and other mining applications such as drop-raising, site preparation, long-hole drilling, and backfill and tailings dam quarrying. Consbec pursues collectively with it’s clients to refine the control of ore dilution, reduce fines, optimize ground control and fragmentation, and push productivity. Consbec produces total cost reduction along the entire value chain of surface operations while minimizing the impact on the community.

Construction Services

Consbec has an extensive rock excavation history of construction projects in both the private and public sectors. These projects traditionally include pipeline, road, and hydro-electric projects. Other construction projects include tunnelling, bridge and dam piers, site preparation, test drilling, and grout holes for rock or concrete structure.