About the Company

Consbec was created in 1981 and has since become the largest independent drilling and blasting contractor in North America. Senior management has been involved in the drilling and blasting industry for over 35 years and has extensive experience on various rock excavation projects including open pit mining, pipeline construction, quarrying, road construction, and other specialty contracts such as generating stations, river crossings and close proximity work.

The firms innovative abilities and its large fleet of specialized equipment have been tested and proven repeatedly in a variety of terrains from the rugged Rocky Mountains of British Columbia to the hard Cambrian Shield of Ontario and the Appalachians of Eastern Canada. Consbec has also adapted to varying climatic conditions through projects such as in the extreme cold of the Northwest Territories and the unbarable heat of Mexico. Consbec’s unique experiences such as these enable the company to remain industry leaders in productivity, equipment utilization, quality and safety to both the internal and external project environments.

Engineering support available from Consbec includes not only complete project management but also extends into specialty fields such as:

  • open pit mine design
  • field surveys
  • logistics planning
  • material procurement
  • equipment evaluation and rental
  • testing and sampling services
  • feasibility studies
  • economic evaluations
  • capital and construction cost estimates
  • as-built drawings and the development of specialized equipment